Every year at Dragon Con we have a tradition of InstaFilk where we ask that our fans come and join in to create a filk from scratch in an hour. This year we actually accomplished TWO FILKS in an hour-long panel with our fans’ help. This is the second song, “The Starry Bunch” to the tune of the theme song for The Brady Bunch TV Show.

Many thanks to Ian O’Donnell of Toucan Dubh and Gray Rinehart for their help this year!

Here’s a story of a lady Trekkie

Who was bringing up three ensigns on a ship

All of them had shirts of red, like their father

They’re on a five year trip

Here’s a story of a cloned Stormtrooper

Who was bringing up three copies just like him

All of them had lousy aim, like each other

Things were looking grim

Til the one day when the Trekkie met the Trooper

and they knew that it was much more than a hunch

That this mashup could somehow form a fandom

That’s the way they all became the Starry Bunch

The Starry Bunch

The Starry Bunch

That’s the way they became The Starry Bunch