From its humble beginnings as a misprint of “Folk”, the controversy continues into the present as to the exact definition of filk music.

We start every year of the con with our Opening Panel, What is Filk? where we introduce folks that are unfamiliar to our track to a little bit of history and some music from volunteers, fans and sometimes even our performers.

We’ll start the track off with a series of user-submitted videos answering What Filk Means to Them. Even if you’re already familiar with our track, you can submit one too!

Would you like to have a sneak peek from some of the performers that we have on the track this year?

Do you have a song that you’d like to share with the track?

Just want to hang out, and meet up with our track volunteers & listen to some songs?

Have we got a panel for you!

Meet, Greet, Filk! is our traditional follow-up to our Opening Ceremonies, What is Filk? where you can interact with our performers and other filk fans, and you are welcome to join in and share your own songs as well. This year thanks to the abundance of performers, we’ve decided to merge What is Filk with Meet, Greet, Filk! We like to keep things less structured than a regular panel, so you never know which of our performers will be ready to play one of their favorite songs.

Stop in, join in and help us start our 2018 track programming!

*We ask that folks that are interested in performing during this panel to sit a bit closer to the front of the room to make sure that you’ll have a turn.