patheadlgthmbPatricia deVarennes is a published writer of many things, from genre fiction & non-fiction to technical papers, to original music and parodies. From her years as an occasional stringer for Cinefantastique, she developed a fascination for special effects and “B” films. Now and again, she’s a reluctant investigative journalist, as well as an occasional genre reviewer at under the moniker “Shiny1”. Back in the dark ages, Pat wrote, scored, directed and appeared in authorized musical adaptations of the popular fantasy novels Thieves’ World™ and DragonLance™. She’s a fan of all types of music. Oh, and she also has two Executive MBAs, one of which was most useful in helping her to finally understand her 401k. She’s learned to play video games in her middle age, and has come to accept that she can’t stop filking.